Kicker Picker

  • Year: 2014-2015
  • Theme: Home & Living /
  • Our role: App / Web design / Identity / Graphic design /

Social marketplace
KickerPicker is one of the most outstanding projects we had been undertaking. The project scope was huge and very challenging – we were responsible for creating a new looking social marketplace where consumers would be showing off and selling their secondary stuff online. We worked together with the outsourced production house, as the development scope was really big. We had up to 5-10 people in the project to manage daily. We created and developed full designs and style for KickerPicker including logos, corporate style, full drawings, videos, games, marketing materials, as well as we developed design of the new looking social marketplace. We worked on developing a full architecture of the product, functionality, UX/UI and had our in-house lead programmer to manage and supervise all the development works with the outsourced development teams. At the same time we had been developing mobile product version.

Project timeline – 3 years. Project budget app. 0.5 mln. eur.

About the client is a social network – trendy classifieds wall to sell, buy, swap, giveaway stuff in a personal and social fancy way. People make fancy photos together with their items showing their faces. Young people here do crazy photos and make their social “kicks” of their everyday life, about things they see in the shops, things they have to bargain, swap or giveaway.