• Year: 2014
  • Theme: Home & Living /
  • Our role: Programming / App / Web design / Graphic design /

Art gallery cloud solution
The client was very special and asked us to create a full SaaS product, starting from the indentity, functionality, full user experience.  We were responsible for the project management of the development process. We have created everything from scratch and we are proud it worked out very well. We outsourced international advertising agency to create graphic visuals in style for this new online solution, as well as we integrated smart charts using open source from our friends globally acknowledged online charts – We made a video with artists and the music were specially arranged by the known music creator in Lithuania. Later Artnetbook app was developed for the better presentation of the artworks and and a smarter and faster data upload using iPads.

About the client – an online art gallery management cloud based solution dedicated to small and medium sized art galleries, art collectors, art managers and art lovers. is designed to run, control, analyze art inventory, art collections,  marketand sell arts online. Easy data migrattion of any art database to Export gallery information by a simple click.